Worlds of Our Planet is the name of the constant musical journey that my brain, soul and body creates, the concept behind it is not necessary to create
only a certain type of music, on the contrary....the goal is to create multiple and different collections of original albums focused on a certain type of
music with different concepts using old and new sounds and influences.

Our knowledge of living ascends and gets richer in the moment we experiment all kinds of different a very basic form we understand love
because we understand hate, we know what is cold....because we can feel the opposite.....for me as a musician to get stuck in one musical genre is like
eating everyday the same thing.... and suddenly overtime.... I just dont feel anything.    Each sound that I perceive is important because it makes me feel doesnt matter if its fast or slow, bright or dull, directional or omnidirectional.  The important thing is to keep our senses alive, and to
understand music we all should open our ears and really listen to all the sounds....and ask ourselves if we feel...or not... and search for new feelings.
                                                                                        Marcos Micha Rayek