Attracted and obsessed to sound of heavy electric guitars from rock,  grunge and metal bands from the sixties and nineties; Marcos Micha Rayek began
studying guitar at 15 years old with Professor and Virtuoso Guitarist  Andremar Mallet. He spent a couple of years studying a lot of musical scales
applied to classical and electric guitar. After that he began to play Paganini caprices and songs from 1980`s guitar players (Vinnie Moore; Tony
Macalpine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker and others). Then he began to learn writing and musical composition.

At 18 years old he became a Skydiver and a somersault in the air left him with a dislocated left shoulder and broken ligaments. Death was near when
falling. A week later he was in Richmond Virginia for a shoulder surgery. After months of rehab he had the confidence that he would return to play
guitar and skydiving; but he suffered again for multiple shoulder dislocations. It took him a really long time to accept that from that moment, life was
going to be different. Shoulder, arm and back pain were present all the time and Marcos had to ignore it when he tried to play guitar; but sometimes it
was too much and he had to stop playing for long periods of time and became very frustrated.  He tried again and began to compose with the help of
former professor Andremar Mallet and recorded his first two Demos at the Omar Kempkes Studios.  Andremar on Drums and Bass and Marcos on

Marcos began to study a degree in Communication Science specializing in Mass Media for four years. At the same time he composed and recorded
more music at the Omar Kempkes studios he began with singing lessons along former Professor Ramiro Esparza where he began to discover the world
of Classical singing and Opera music. Then Marcos started to build a recording studio because he needed the tools and time to record the music he had
in his mind and realize he had to understand how to use the machines and learn all the process of audio recording. Former Music Proffesor, Guitarist
and Acoustic Designer Hector Castañon owner of Spickatto Studios introduced him to the world of audio and Marcos studied with him acoustics, audio
engineering, midi and advanced harmony, composition and technique for 5 years. Hector helped him to improve the acoustics of the recording studio.

In relation to the world of singing after some years of studying with professor Ramiro Esparza in the Schubert Academy;  Marcos appeared singing in
museums, ballrooms, music halls and theaters  singing Mexican and  Italian repertoire accompanied by Virtuoso Pianist James Pulles . Some of the
authors included are María Grever; Agustín Lara; Martín Urieta; Juan Zaizar, Salvatore Cardillo, Eduardo Di Capua, Ernesto de Curtis; Giacomo
Puccini; Giuseppe Verdi and others. Then Marcos started to work with Professor and Tenor Cesar Millan in search of new horizons in the singing
world; activity he remains doing at present.

From 2010 to 2011 Audio Engineer  Jose Manuel Santos Torres and Audio Engineer Abraham Martínez Avilán from KanonLab imparted to Marcos an
advanced practical course of audio hardware and software applications.  

Marcos composed and recorded a lot of music in the studio. He needed a name that could represent all the different kinds of music and sounds that he
wants to create in the years to come. That project name is called “Worlds of our Planet”.

At present Marcos finished mixing two of his electric guitar oriented songs that are part of a larger LP project called Worlds of Our Planet - Laments of
an Electric Guitar - Part I. The two first singles are going to be released in April 9 of 2013.